Externship Open House

Externship Open-House Webinars

Take a peek inside The Externship. Learn more about the Externship and how it’s helped thousands of students, career changers, and CFP® professionals find their path.

Get the information you need + decide whether The Externship is right for you.

You’ll learn how to leverage this program for your education, to explore a potential career change, and to advance your work as a CFP® professional. You’ll also learn how you can earn 180 CFP® experience hours, get answers to your questions, and see what awaits new and returning Externs.

We’ll will cover all the essentials for this 8-week virtual training program, like:

  • Time Commitment
  • Sponsors
  • Projects
  • Expert instructors
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Early-registration perks
  • Experience hours

The Open House is completely free.

It’s your chance to find out exactly how the program works. If you’re considering attending the Externship, the open house is an excellent opportunity to learn more.

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Higher-ed Open House

March 20

General Open House

Mon., April 15, noon, CT

Firm Open House

Wed., April 17, 1 p.m., CT

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Who are The Externs?

You might be wondering if there is a place for you in The Externship, and the answer is: YES!

The Externs are a diverse group of students and professionals. They come from across the U.S. and even around the world, and range in age from students to retirees. Get to know eight of our most common types of Externs and why they join The Externship. 

The original Externs were college students who lost their internships during COVID. Today, students still make up a large group of Externs. Externs earn 180 CFP Board Standard Pathway experience hours upon proof of completion of The Externship, which is enough to fulfill most schools’ internship requirements!
Career Changers
Committed to breaking the barriers to entry to the financial planning profession, The Externship has become an important milestone for career changers. They come to The Externship from areas as diverse as engineering, medicine, and education.
Financial Planners
Current financial planners join The Externship to level-up their skills or as part of earning their CFP Board Standard Pathway experience hours. Because of our amazing Guest Experts, many planners come back every year to learn something new to incorporate into their careers.
Firm Interns
What began as an internship replacement has become an internship supplement, and many firms are using The Externship as part of their summer internship programs. Some firms even do The Externship with their interns, so they can all learn together! If you’re a firm interested in learning more about our supplemental Internship/Externship program, click here. (Internship/Externship program link)
Paraprofessionals come to The Externship to hone their skills or even prepare to transition to financial planner roles. We also welcome other members of the profession who want to better understand the financial planning process. This includes marketers, accountants, and lawyers.
We count many military veterans among our Extern alumni, and are honored to be a resource they use to transition to civilian careers. Like all career changers, we believe veterans have unique skills that can be leveraged into their careers as financial planners.
From faculty who incorporate The Externship into their courses, to career service offices who recommend The Externship to their students, we love our university friends…and they love The Externship! If you want more information about our academic partnerships, email Sarah Warren.
Returners to the Workplace
The Externship serves as a “returnship” for parents re-entering the workforce. Some have spent 15 years away from the financial planning profession and some are entering it for the first time!
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