You aspire to impact your clients’ lives and to be the best financial planning professional you can be.

We want to help.

Changing the way you grow as a professional

While you may have received your Certified Financial Planning designation (or you are working toward it), you likely haven’t received the same amount of training to help you…


Resources and training that make a difference in your career & confidence

Monthly membership

Members access monthly client videos, commentary, trainings, and more — so they can be confident, capable CFP® professionals

The Externship

Our 100% online 8-week program gives you unprecedented access to dozens of experts and resources that show you the real work of a CFP®.

Corporate Training

Train your interns or new CFP® professionals, using our monthly videos, client meeting library, expert resources, and more.


A peek behind the curtain:

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Capabilities + confidence = a career you can be proud of

You’ve been looking for guidance to help you build your skills — and your confidence. We know because we’ve been there… wondering how to handle this client issue or what to say when a client asks that question.


Get guidance and find resources that help you feel more confident and capable in ALL of the facets of your work, so you can serve clients, work the way YOU want, and make an impact while you do it.


Act like our associate financial planner and get insights and training that can accelerate and fast-track your career. We’ll provide education and support that is actually helpful and applicable to your work.


Plus, you can get 20 CFP® Board experience hours or 2 CE hours each month. For real.

It all happens inside Amplified Planning CORE.

As we build out even more resources for financial planning professionals like you, don’t forget that your insights, challenges, and experiences matter. We want to hear from you, and to understand how we can help YOU.

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