Helping you feel

capable and confident

in your financial planning career

We saw an opportunity to change the way we learn, work, and grow as financial planning professionals

… so we took it.

We’re on a mission to show financial planners how to become even better financial planners with one-of-a-kind curriculum, including…

Recorded real-life client meetings (with “post-game” replays, focused on breaking down the decisions and advice made)

A library of resources to improve your daily client work, run a firm (or build it), and answer questions you haven’t been able to answer.

A community of other financial planners who are committed to making an impact, with the resources & confidence to do so.

We want to help you master the art and the craft of financial planning. That’s why we created the Amplified Planning Project, and our monthly Amplified CORE Membership. 

The values and mission of the profession


We believe in collaboration, and in finding creative solutions together.

We believe that, together, we will change the face of financial planning, and bring these services to millions of people who previously didn’t have access.

We believe financial planning is a career full of purpose and meaning, and that it’s not just another job.

We believe personal and professional growth can and should be fun and engaging. We’re tired of boring content and want to bring a breath of fresh air to financial planning education.

As we build out even more resources for financial planning professionals like you, don’t forget that your insights, challenges, and experiences matter. We want to hear from you, and to understand how we can help YOU.

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