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Hannah Moore, CFP® , CeFT

Founder and Owner

Hannah Moore, CFP® is on a mission to change the way people think and talk about money.
Hannah’s path to becoming a financial planner started when she was a young, number-loving creative. Hannah grew up listening to personal finance radio shows and feeling like the advice was off. It was as if the people giving that advice forgot they were speaking to real people.
As a Certified Financial Planner™, Hannah has seen the impact that financial planning done well has on clients’ lives — and how it can truly transform and open a new world of possibilities.
Hannah holds a degree in financial services and planning from Baylor University. She brings more than a decade of experience, the perspective of a first-generation college graduate, and a heart to see the financial planning profession thrive.
Hannah is the founder of Amplified Planning, and owner and principal financial planner at Guiding Wealth. She and her husband, Charlie, live in the Dallas area with their three young children. When she’s not dreaming big dreams for the financial planning profession, you’re likely to find her in their family garden.
Information about her leadership within the financial planning profession and to inquire about Hannah’s speaking availability, visit Hannah J. Moore.
Some of Hannah’s awards include: 

Charlie Moore

Head of Education and Community

Charlie doesn’t have patience for boring content – something he attributes to a childhood full of Saturday morning cartoons. Since the very beginning of Amplified Planning, he’s been the filter to make sure that whatever Amplified Planning puts out is both engaging and fun. 

With a degree in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University and experience behind the camera and control booth at TV news stations, Charlie leads all video content creation and editing. As a former teacher, he brings instructional design expertise to Amplified Planning’s projects. 

Charlie also serves as the resident tech guy and claims that if something on the website is broken, it’s probably his fault. If you submit a support ticket, he’s usually the one to answer it. Another of Charlie’s passions is community. 

He manages the Amplified Planning forum and creates community-building events that have helped turn The Externship and Amplfier communities into two of the most supportive and robust online communities in the financial planning profession.

Charlie was instrumental in founding The Externship, so many of its accolades apply to him. Still, he claims he doesn’t have any awards, but would like to submit his World’s Best Dad mug for your consideration.

Lenard Dossey

Director of Education

A former award-winning elementary and middle-school teacher, Lenard is passionate about lifelong learning and finding innovative solutions to educational challenges. He stepped out of the classroom and into Amplified Planning where he is responsible for shaping Amplified Planning’s educational landscape and ensuring courses follow instructional design and pedagogical best practices. He also works extensively with the Guiding Wealth Residency Program. 

What sets Lenard apart is his extensive experience in training other teachers and designing training materials. Lenard not only excelled in the classroom, he also coached and mentored teams of teachers and worked closely with campus and district leadership to implement new teaching methodologies and ensure alignment with curriculum standards.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Tarleton State University, as well as multiple teaching certifications, including a Montessori Teaching Certification. Lenard’s deep-rooted connection with Amplified Planning founders Charlie and Hannah dates back to their Baylor University days. Lenard lives in Waco, Texas with his wife, Tiffany, three children, and sheepadoodle. His hobbies include playing guitar, journaling with traveler’s notebooks and fountain pens, finding new recipes, and hiking. 

Sarah Warren

Director of Communications and Brand Identity

Sarah likes to help people get where they need to be and find the thing they’ve been missing out on. That means she’s often creating road maps into new spaces and starting conversations. Before joining the Amplified Planning team, she spent more than a decade in higher education at a Tier 1 research university. During her time there, she marketed STEM programs and professional development courses, wrote about world-changing research, occasionally wore hardhats and sometimes waded into rivers, and nourished relationships with corporate and individual donors. 

As director of Communications and Brand Identity for Amplified Planning, she is a key liaison with our university and corporate partners. Hannah’s mission, her strong Why, is what attracted Sarah to Amplified Planning, and she’s working to spread the word to an even broader audience outside the world of financial planning.

Sarah holds a master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma and a BBA in business communications from Baylor University. (Spoiler alert: she was a terrible business major). Sarah is a writer who can often be found typing away in coffee shops around Norman, Oklahoma. She and her husband have two boys, one geriatric schnauzer, and approximately three million Lego bricks and Pokemon cards.

A few of Sarah’s favorite business and writing books: Executive PresenceDavid and GoliathBurnoutRangeThe War of Art, and Bird by Bird.


Latasha Doyle

Director of Marketing and Operations

Latasha loves big ideas — and loves getting them out into the world even more. 

As the Director of Marketing for Amplified Planning, Latasha has been charged with getting the AP team’s ideas out into the world so that more aspiring and working financial planners can benefit from them. It’s her mission to keep Amplified Planning ahead of the “industry” curve so that financial planners can see what’s possible with their skills. She’s also committed to Hannah’s vision of turning the financial planning “industry” into a true caring profession.

Alongside working with the Amplified Planning team, Latasha is the founder of a copywriting and marketing agency. In her work with over 250+ entrepreneurs and brands, she has developed a deeper understanding of digital marketing strategies and the value of experimentation. She is always learning and applying that information to how we show up here at Amplified Planning.

Latasha holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, which she uses to psychoanalyze everyone on the team — and you, dear reader. When she’s not helping us build out and manage our marketing strategies, you can find Latasha reading, walking her dog, and complaining about being too hot. She lives in Denver with her husband, her books, his massive Magic the Gathering card collection, their dog, and two cats.

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