Amplified Planning Updates: Summer 2024

What’s Happening Here at Amplified Planning Headquarters?

It’s summer 2024 and we’re nearly halfway through the year. It’s been a very busy year here at Amplified Planning Headquarters (APHQ, as we’ll refer to it), and we wanted to bring you along for the ride. 

Here at APHQ, we have big dreams for the profession. As a Certified Financial Planner™, our founder, Hannah Moore, has seen the impact that financial planning done well has on clients’ lives — and how it can truly transform and open a new world of possibilities.

Everything we do here at Amplified Planning is with this larger vision in mind. To change the profession, there’s a lot of work to be done. So, let’s run down just a little bit of what’s going on behind the scenes. 

NEW: Amplified Planning subscribers get 50 experience hours!

Our Amplified Planning CORE and Community subscribers have always been able to complete each monthly course (videos, homework, and questions) to earn 20 CFP Standard Pathway experience hours. As of May, though, the CFP Board has increased that to 50 CFP Standard Pathway hours! 

This makes the Amplified Planning subscription even more valuable for aspiring CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and students. You can earn more than a full-time job’s weekly hours by completing our monthly course from your home! 

Plus, you can do all of that for less than the cost of a few dinners out each month! 

Choose the right Amplified Planning subscription for you!

The Externship turns 5!

In 2020, Hannah teamed up with the Financial Planning Association to help financial planning students who lost their internships due to the pandemic. That was the start of  The Externship — and earlier this month (June 2024), we kicked off the fifth year of The Externship. 

If you’re on our newsletter, you’ve likely seen all of our updates about registration. It’s been a really exciting time and it took a lot of “people hours” to get everything up and running. We also had some exciting news at the end of May: The CFP Board, one of The Externship’s largest sponsors, agreed to increase the experience hours that Externs can earn. 

Previously, Externs could earn 180 CFP Standard Pathway hours, but now they can earn 500! That is a huge portion of the required experience hours needed to earn your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, making this program an even more vital part of a CFP student’s training. 

Amplified Planning + Hannah in the press

As part of our Externship promotion phase, Hannah (and The Externship) has also been featured in a number of articles and publications! These are great resources for anyone looking to find their path in this profession or learn more about The Externship! 

Focus on parental leave access for financial planners

Hannah also helped to lead a university study on access to parental leave in the financial planning profession. The study, which is currently in statistical review, has been really eye-opening and is starting important conversations. She also created a guide for financial planners and other business owners prepping for maternity or paternity leave.

The Guiding Wealth Residency

Hannah owns Guiding Wealth, a wealth management firm in Texas. Her goal of making financial planning more accessible, blended with her goal of training the next generation, has led to the creation of The Guiding Wealth Residency

Started in late in 2023, The Residency is modeled after the “teaching hospitals” of the medical field, where a hand-selected group of up-and-coming financial planners get the chance to work directly under Hannah and learn how her team works with clients at Guiding Wealth. Together, Hannah and the Residents are also trying to find solutions to an industry age-old problem: How can new financial planners get the experience they need to qualify for positions within firms that require years of experience? 

Hannah selected candidates who were selected after completing The Externship (and some were also subscribers of Amplified Planning CORE). As part of The Residency, Residents are:

  • Learning the ins and outs of working 1:1 with clients
  • Developing a one-time plan option (an affordable alternative to ongoing wealth management that makes financial planning more accessible to other potential clients)
  • Creating marketing strategies to help Guiding Wealth connect with and serve more people
  • Reviewing Guiding Wealth operations and processes to ensure our clients get the best service

This residency is the first of its kind, and Hannah hopes to build an experience that allows financial planning students and those seeking Standard Pathway hours to enter the profession with tools, experience, and confidence. This is the first year of The Residency, and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you as the program evolves. 

APHQ got more crowded

We’ve been growing a lot here at Amplified Planning, especially as our other endeavors are reaching new corners of the financial planning world! 

In early 2023, we hired Sarah Warren as our Director of Marketing & Communications. Since then, Sarah has helped us establish ourselves even more in the industry through a strong brand, strategic marketing, and thought leadership. She’s also built relationships with firms, sponsors, and more as we entered Externship season — and is a huge part of the success behind the 2024 Externship’s popularity.

In the middle of 2023, we also hired Lenard Dossey as our Director of Education for Amplified Planning. A former award-winning elementary and middle-school teacher, Lenard is passionate about lifelong learning and finding innovative solutions to educational challenges. He stepped out of the classroom and into Amplified Planning where he is responsible for shaping our educational landscape and ensuring courses follow instructional design and pedagogical best practices. He also works extensively with the Guiding Wealth Residency Program! 

In May of this year (2024), we brought on a new Director of Marketing & Operations: Latasha Doyle. Latasha’s role will focus on digital marketing while Sarah steps into the Communications Director role full-time. Now, Sarah will be even more dedicated to helping Hannah build relationships with firms, sponsors, and more — while Latasha will help us expand our reach to new potential clients and fellow financial planners.

If you’d like to learn more about Lenard, Sarah, Latasha, or anyone else on our team, visit our About page!

The next 6 months: What’s APHQ working on now? 

The Externship is underway and we’re continually adding new courses to the Amplified Planning CORE & Community subscriptions. What else could we possibly have up our sleeves for the last half of 2024? 

Hannah has a very clear vision for this profession and the potential of financial planning, so the truth is… We have a lot coming for you! 

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