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Let’s be real.

So much of the education and training available to financial planning professionals feels cut and dry — as if everything we do with our clients will follow a specific formula and outcome.

But we all know that’s not how the real world works. That’s not how client meetings work.

For those of us who are truly interested in making an impact and serving our clients well, we know we have to adapt our approach. To be flexible and accommodating. And, we have to find creative solutions to common and entirely new problems alike.


We weren’t taught how to do that, though. There’s a gap in our curriculum and continuing education. And we want to change that with Amplified Planning™.

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Here’s what you get when you join Amplified Planning CORE:

How do you know if Amplified Planning CORE is right for you?

It is if you identify with at least one of the following:

The standard we set for amplified core members is that they have a desire to become a better financial planner and to build their skillset and confidence — so they can better serve their clients.

Amplified Planning CORE isn’t right for you if…

We’re on a mission to help financial planning professionals change the way we work and lead

As we build out even more resources for financial planning professionals like you, don’t forget that your insights, challenges, and experiences matter. We want to hear from you, and to understand how we can help YOU.

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