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My sincere hope is that you’ll walk away feeling seen and supported in your concerns about juggling all the ups and downs that come with being a working mom. 

I know this is something I need, especially as my due date for my third child draws near. I hope this series brings you some hope (and practical tips) for your own journey.


During this session, we discussed how to communicate your pregnancy with your employers and clients to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood. You deserve to have uninterrupted time with your child, and this session will help you sort out the logistics (like planning for leave) to make it happen.

We also covered topics like struggles and fears around being a new mom (especially as it concerns infertility and miscarriages, something I’ve struggled with myself), and navigating the uncertainty that comes with pregnancy. 

In this session, we discussed the challenges that come with maternity leave, which include: 

  • Struggling with self-worth in light of being away from work
  • Navigating recovery and unexpected issues post-pregnancy
  • The difficulties of identifying what we want and need post-pregnancy 
  • The sheer joys that come with motherhood

During this meeting we talked about the challenges new moms face when coming back to work, like breastfeeding and pumping, employer support, and juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and work.

This live session will connect you with other women professionals who are going to grow or have grown a family. We’ll start with a live Q+A session, followed by breakout sessions, and then we’ll come back together to wrap it all up and touch on any lingering thoughts or concerns. 

Zoom breakout groups include:

  • Planning for maternity someday
  • Navigating Infertility and loss
  • Currently pregnant and preparing for maternity leave
  • Working moms who have reentered the workforce

By the end of this live series, you’ll have connections with other women who are right where you are — whether you are in the planning stages, struggling with infertility, pregnant, or navigating being a working mom.

These events are sponsored by Orion, who supports the growing industry of Independent RIAs.

What's next?

Check your email for confirmation details, as well as links to each of our sessions. 

We hosted four sessions, all about:

✅ Effectively planning for maternity leave and dealing with the uncertainty surrounding pregnancy

✅ How to make the most of maternity leave, and how to navigate the challenges that come with it

✅ How to reenter the workforce as a new mom

PLUS there was also a live connection call, where we hosted breakout sessions to connect working professionals who are expecting, dealing with infertility/loss, planning for parenthood, or preparing to return to work. 

Note that these live sessions will be on LinkedIn (aside from our last Live Q+A session, which will be held on Zoom).

You will need a LinkedIn account to participate. Creating an account on both of these platforms is free and can be done in under 5 minutes.

Got any questions before we get started?

Please feel free to reach out to me, Hannah, directly at [email protected]

Can’t wait to see you there!