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The Internship/Externship Program

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We’re glad you’re firm and interns are joining us for The Internship/Externship Program this summer! Here is everything you need to do to get set up to purchase seats for your interns and the Internship/Externship Toolkit.

Step 1: Internship supervisor makes an account

Make an account here. Because the internship supervisor receives a complimentary seat in The Externship, this should be made using the supervisor’s email address.

Step 2: Make Purchases

Purchase 1

Purchase the Internship/Externship Program Toolkit from the Amplified Planning shop. This includes the supervisor’s complimentary seat.

Purchase 2

You’ll purchase Externship seats, making sure to use the enrollment code option.

You’ll then receive an email with the enrollment codes. You’ll send those codes to your interns with the following directions. (See step 3).

Step 3: Directions for your interns

First, make an account here.

Your interns will have access to The Externship material for at least a year and will get invitations to regular alumni events and trainings once they become Extern Alumni. We therefore encourage that they use their personal email addresses for their accounts. 

Second, after logging in to Amplified Planning, the interns will redeem their codes from their Amplified Planning dashboard.

Sarah Warren


Have questions about the process or about the Internship/Externship program in general? Contact Sarah Warren, Director of Marketing and your resources throughout the Internship/Externship Program.  

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