John and Diana Meeting 4

Hannah · August 27, 2021

Join us as you sit in on a real client meeting with commentary from the financial planner – Hannah Moore, CFP.

In this session, Hannah engages in the fourth meeting with John and Diana. During the meeting, Hannah reviews John and Diana’s insurance policies, identifies gaps and provides recommendations. Additionally, Hannah reviews John and Diana’s current estate plan and helps them identify changes that need to be made to their estate plan. Finally, Hannah discusses elder care with John and Diana and identifies what they can do now to help set themselves up for success in the future. Hannah provides commentary and insights to give context and additional training throughout the meeting.

Course learning objectives:

  • Identify key elements of risk management and insurance
  • Analyze specific client’s risk exposure and ways to reduce the risk
  • Review insurance policies and company selections
  • Identify key documents to assist the client in their estate and incapacity planning
  • Select appropriate strategies to transfer property upon a client’s death
  • Recognize the importance of the property titling and beneficiary designations
  • Identify elder care needs and how to effectively plan for those needs
  • Recognize key elements of health insurance and Medicare planning

This course has been accepted by the CFP Board and 2.5 CFP Board CE hours may be earned. Additionally, students who complete this (John & Diana Meeting 4) course can submit their experience hours and proof of completion to the CFP Board for 20 standard pathway experience hours.

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