Why I’m Dedicated to Educating Financial Planners

If you’ve spent some time around here, you know that the purpose of Amplified Planning is to train and educate financial planners. I want to build a community of professionals and help us all find the resources we need to be better at our craft. 

Do you want to know why it’s so important to me to train other financial planners?

It’s because I know the power and importance of financial planning. But I also know how it’s perceived. Many people still view financial planning as a service that only rich people need (and can afford). 

Financial planning is for everyone

My goal is to change that perception – to help people in all financial circumstances experience the benefits of working with a talented planner. I want to give financial planners the perspective and expertise to reach clients in every tax bracket.

The reason financial planning is so important to me comes from my personal experience. I had a family member who wanted to start a business. He didn’t have access to enough startup capital, so he needed to get a loan, which he did through a national bank.

Unfortunately, the business loan he received was quite predatory. With the high interest rates and fees, he couldn’t put a dent in the principal even with regular payments.

True financial planning vs. “expert” advice

Like so many people, he felt crushed by a debt that seemed impossible to pay off. He turned to books and podcasts from a popular financial “guru” to try to figure out how to get out of debt, but he still couldn’t make progress. Instead, he just felt guilty about having debt due to his “poor financial management skills.”

After years of struggle, he walked into a local bank to consolidate the loan. He ended up with a much more reasonable rate and a loan that he could actually start to pay off. Each payment put him closer to getting out of debt – all because the loan itself was more appropriate for his circumstances.

Financial planners can change lives

This story is challenging and inspiring to me because all of that frustration and stress could have been prevented if he had gotten a better loan in the first place. A financial planner could have given him the advice and guidance he needed.

Financial planning matters to everyone – and to all income levels!

My goal is to help train and encourage other financial planners to open their doors to clients from all circumstances. I think if we can push back against the idea that financial planning is only for the wealthy, we will have a positive impact on so many people: newly married couples, students, lower and middle class folks, professionals, and retirees.

What’s your motivation?

As financial planners, we have the power to make people’s lives so much better. I hope we all try to use it as much as we can.

What’s your motivation for being a part of this profession? I’d love to hear your story in the comments.

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